Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is Tan & Deliver looking for as a franchise partner?

Tan & Deliver are looking for people who are motivated, have a strong work ethic, a track record of success and entrepreneurial enthusiasm.


We’re looking for franchise partners who embrace Tan & Deliver’s community ethos and have the dedication to make their franchise excel to the highest level. 

What kind of training program can I expect?

All new franchise partners participate in our dedicated training program. This involves initial classroom training on all things Tan & Deliver, with a member of our Operations Team. Franchise Partners will also experience hands on training in all aspects of Sunbed handling and maintenance in order to fully understand how the operation works. In addition you will spend time at our Head Office with key management, discussing marketing, accounting and the overall Tan & Deliver philosophy. Franchisees will also get to attend Home Hire deliveries with current Franchisees.

How long is the Franchise Agreement, and is it renewable?


The length of the Franchise Agreement is 5 years. As long as the franchise owner is in good standing with payments the lease is renewable.

How much is the franchise fee?


When you join Tan & Deliver as a Franchisee, simply purchasing your first 10 Sunbeds for your fleet allows you to recoup your initial Franchise Fee.

This is due to our exclusive discount we can offer you on the price of the Tanning equipment. We agree to honour this discount throughout our partnership with you, meaning any additional Sunbeds you buy only goes to exceed this saving!

Unlike any other Franchise this means effectively our ongoing support and involvement is a free service, allowing you to grow your Business and take advantage of our status within the industry.

The cost of the franchise fee is £12,500 + Vat


How much does it cost to get up and running?


Start-up costs vary considerably dependent upon fleet size, location and lease costs. Tan & Deliver set up costs typically come in at around £30,000-£100,000, costs including the franchise fee, legal fees, Marketing, Equipment, Training, Uniform, Parts and Spares. 


Do you supply Finance Options?​

Yes we do, we use Kennet Leasing. We can put you in touch with our financing partner for a quote.

How much is the Management Fee?

We charge :  £15 per Sunbed per month from month 6 and £20 per Sunbed per month from year 2 onwards capped

How much could i potentially earn*?

We would expect you to earn a minimum of:



Ok! I'm interested. What do i do next?

To take the next step please contact us using the form below for the full Prospectus & Preliminary Application Form.

Upon deciding to join us, we will have you fully operational in 6-8 weeks. All Marketing activity will commence immediately.


We will fully support you from day one and will look forward to meeting you in person at our headquarters based in the heart of Historic Rochester.

 * No guarantee on earnings can be given

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No guarantee on earnings can be given. Fleet Figures are based on Sunbeds only.


For more information on becoming a Franchisee. Please fill out form.

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