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We only supply the highest quality Sunbeds

The Best home hire tanning unit in the UK!!!


Our Stand Up Sun Bed's require approximately 1 metre square of floor space and will need to be situated near a double plug socket. (they just plug into your domestic supply they are very cheap to run)

Our home use Sunbeds are Salon Strength comprising of 3,840watts of Tanning power, with brand new 0.3 Lamps, all beds have integrated fans and self adjustable timers.


We provide free delivery, installation and Maintenance within a 10 mile radius (delivery charges may apply outside of this area), and can normally provide a sunbed to you within 48 hours of your order. 

Contact your local Tan & Deliver for more details.

Sunbed Dimensions: 87cm X 87cm X 188cm

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PLEASE NOTE: Not every Tan & Deliver location allows 2,6 and 10 week hire periods.

Prices do not include delivery if applicable. Free Delivery within a 10 mile radius

Prices may vary depending on location.

Hire Periods:


Prices above a 4 week hire period are subject to payment in advance.

All prices include installation,goggles, health and safety advice and a demonstration.

Terms and conditions as well as important safety advice will be explained upon hire, a copy of all terms and conditions will also be provided in writing.

A wide range of Lotions and Enhancers are available on request. Please speak to your local Tan & Deliver provider.


What you will need:

  • A level surface

  • 1 square metre of floor space

  • A double plug socket situated within 1 metre of the sunbed

  • Suitable access for installation

  • 2 forms of I.D one of which must be photo I.D

Please note: The delivery driver has the right to refuse delivery if criteria is not met.


If you would like to re-hire the Sunbed at the end of your hire period, you must make payment prior to the end of your existing Hire period.

(your local Tan & Deliver provider will call you at least 5 days prior to the end of your Hire period)